Photo of the Week
November 29, 2021

My brother comes up with the greatest photos!   Since my brother worked for Dredging Division, he was there for the big jobs.  This photo was taken of the operator Bill Duffus of the Dredge Cascadas.  The Cascadas served the Panama Canal since the Panama Canal Construction Days just as you see it here in this photo.  Basically a time capsule that has been kept in operational condition by the Panama Canal's Dredging Division.  The guy on the boom by the name of Gary Dalton, was operation the bucket's opening by pulling a rope.

This photo was taken during one of the Panama Canal's worst moments when the Cucaracha Slide happened in October 1986.  This slide closed the Panama Canal until the slide was removed.

I posted a photo of the week and brief background of the Cascadas on this website back in November 1998 (click here)

Below is a rough photo of the Cascadas digging at this slide taken by my brother.  The had to squeeze the transiting ships through as you can see.  My brother Barry told me he has some other photos that he is going to send me of this slide.  Thank you Bro....

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