Photo of the Week
November 25, 2018

This weeks photo is a puzzler photo.  The caption hand written on the front of the photo says, "Army & Navy "Y" Balboa C.Z."  I am not familiar with this building or it's location.  Was it located where the newer concrete YMCA was built?  I thought the Balboa Club House was called the YMCA at first and may have been replacing this building's function.  This certainly looks like a very early photo. It must be an older location as the Royal Palms are quite large and mature when this photo was taken. Maybe this wasn't taken in Balboa and the wrong town name printed on the photo.  A real puzzler photo.

 I would love to know more about it....anyone out there know anything more about this photo?

I find it interesting that you can see right through the windows on the top floor.

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