Photo of the Week
November 2, 2003

This photo caught my eye when reading my latest issue of "El Faro" (previously "The Spillway").  This issue, 17 - 30 October, has a page for individuals to send photos in for publication in the "El Faro".  

The photo shown above for this week's Photo of the Week caught my attention right away!  After traveling over the Gatun Locks Vehicular Bridge for so many years, I never saw it from the bottom up!

This photo was taken while the vehicular bridge was being inspected.  Photographer  Rafael A. Cavallo was standing at the bottom of the east chamber during a Lock Overhall when taking this photo.  This is a real classic! I drove across the vehicular bridge at Gatun Locks for many years and I thought more structure held it up than shown in this photo/  I have seen so many big trucks go across it and am now amazed that the supports shown  in this photo held all the weight. 

Photo by Authoridad Del Canal de Panama, "El Faro", Rafael A. Cavallo, Photographer

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