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The Early Days 

El Camino Real - The King's Highway

The Historical Arco Chato (Flat Arch) 

Panama Railroad Stock Bond

Panama Railroad - Aspinwall Shipping Seal  

French Canal Company Stock Bonds

American Construction

1915 Protest Ashtray

The First Transit

Panama Pacific International Exposition Commemorative Medal

Roosevelt Memorial Association Certificate

Anniversary of the Panama Canal (25th, 50th and 75th)

orgball.gif (586 bytes) Short History of The Panama Line

menur_or.gif (138 bytes) S.S. Ancon
menur_or.gif (138 bytes) S.S. Panama
menur_or.gif (138 bytes) S.S. Cristobal
menur_or.gif (138 bytes) Panama Line Miscellaneous

orgball.gif (586 bytes) The Anniversaries of the Panama Canal

Badges and Patches Collection:

Canal Zone Pools

Swim Teams
Competitive Swimming Awards
Instructional Classes
American Red Cross

Canal Zone Security

Canal Zone Security Patches
Canal Zone Police Detective Badge
Police Division Guard
Panama Canal Security Force
Canal Protection and Terminal Guards
Canal Emergency Vehicle Decals 

Canal Zone Fire Department

Fire Department Patch and Badges

Boy Scouts of America

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Other Recreational Activities

          1950 Recreation Council Patches
          Early 60's Balboa Gun Club and ROTC

Collectibles and Memorabilia:

Panama Canal Supply Division

Milk Products
Ice Cream Products
Fruit Juice
Industrial Laboratory/Commissary Bottles and Jars/Coupon Book

Bakery Products

Tivoli Hotel Chinaware  

Old CZ and Panama License Plates

1999 Panama License Plate

Order of the Rio Chagres

orgball.gif (586 bytes) Canal Zone First Day Covers

orgball.gif (586 bytes)  Celebrate the Century - 1910s - Panama Canal Commemorative Stamp 1998

orgball.gif (586 bytes) Old Stories and photos on the Panama Canal Society web site.

orgball.gif (586 bytes) Morgan's Garden  

By Sue Core

This great old story was written back in 1935. - Click the title above.

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