Photo of the Week
May 18, 2008 

This week's photo is another J. Fisher photo probably taken in the same time frame as last week's photo.  This photo has a caption on it, "General Inspection at Ft. Amador Review".  The photo was taken in the large field in front of the barracks and headquarters building (seen in the distance).  The equipment shown here is really interesting and state of the art for this era.  The front trucks and trailers are a listening devise.  The trailer has large cones that mount on top of the apparatus in the back of the truck.  These cones are pointed into the sky to listen for approaching aircraft.  The other vehicles  to the left are search lights.  This equipment was all part of the defense of the Panama Canal.

I have had several interesting emails pertaining to last week's photo.  I will be posting the comments with that photo as soon as I receive permission to do so.    Very interesting!!


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