Photo of the Week
March 8, 2015

This week we are still at the Pacific side entrance to the Canal area.  I recently found some old negatives that my dad took in the early 1950's.  I am not sure what camera he was using, but the negatives are 3 1/4 by 2 1/2 inch which help with some detail, but are still a bit out of focus when I scanned them at a larger dpi and format.  There are several that he took from Sosa Hill going all around the visible horizon.  The image above are two of the photos he took which I stitched together in PhotoShop.  The stitch came out pretty good and will try the same with some of the other depending on if they were taken from the same vantage point.  This old snap shot has many old historical early housing areas showing.  Starting at the Balboa Tank Farm and going left, we run into Williamson Place with the old large 12 family houses.  My folks lived in Williamson Place when I was born.  You can see the housing snaking along Tavernilla Street along with the Union and Catholic Churches. Amador Road and the old Empire St. housing can be seen going towards Fort Amador.  Of course, the is no Thatcher Ferry Bridge which won't come along for another 10 +/- years.  The old story goes, that Empire St. actually ran all the way into the 15th Naval District housing area, but when the bridge was constructed, it was severed.  The left again, you can see Balboa Road running through and heading up towards the limits.  To the right of the road is a big white building which was the Scottish Rite Temple and St. Mary's school just before that. Gavilan Area housing can barely be seen in the wooded area between Balboa Rd. and the bay shore.  The old Balboa Flats wooden housing can be seen just beyond the Union Church building to the left of Balboa Rd.  There are some other good shots of the Balboa Flats coming next week.  The hill in the distance beyond the Scottish Rite Temple has the old water tanks shown. 

I left this photo rather large so you can see more detail.  It may take some time to load on slower Internet connections, but well worth it. 

What a wonderful old photo group and yet another great snapshot in time.  I am glad that I am able to share these photos that my dad took so long ago.

Long live our memories of our home.


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