Photo of the Week
January 24, 2010 

A follow up from last week's photo.  Here is a photo taken from Pedro Miguel looking across the Pedro Miguel River where you can see the old town of Red Tank.  Red Tank was a local rate town (Silver).  The exciting part of this photo is you can see the back of the building next to the Pedro Miguel Police Station that was the topic of last week's photo.  This gives you a perspective of where the police station was located.  This photo was taken by the same photographer as last week's photo and probably the same day.

After posting last week's photo, I received some most welcomed comments by CZ Images a CZ Images visitors:

"The bldg next to the police station was the local rate clubhouse. It burned down in the mid to late  forties.  The commissary was on the other side of the highway further in to Red Tank.  Two of the very large multifamily bldgs were named the Iceberg and the Titanic.  As you left Red Tank Just before you got to the causeway between the two small lakes on the right hand side of the highway heading toward Fort Clayton was a huge Quipo tree that was something to behold.  It fell over but am not sure at what date  Jim"

"This police station brings back so many memories for me.  I used to go there every day to look at the horses that the C.Z. police officers would ride to patrol the town.  "Dynamite" was the name of the horse I remember the most, and he was a real bad one.  I also remember standing there watching the Red Tank Commissary burn to the ground.  Doug"

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