Photo of the Week
August 8, 2010 

We are continuing with the Muybridge collection of 1875 photos this week.  Once again a great photo taken in Cathedral Plaza showing the Grand Hotel and Hotel Central.  Below is a great photo of the Hotel Central in it's prime  time.

Below the Hotel Central photo are two photos that I found on-line of both buildings during modern times.  From what I read on-line, the Hotel Central was pretty much gutted and is undergoing extensive renovations.  It appears in the Hotel Central 2005 photo that a third story was added to the old building at one time.  The Grand Hotel looks pretty much the same and is in excellent condition.

Casco Viejo is a wonderful historical area and I am so glad that Panama is restoring the old buildings within the old city.


Central Hotel 2005 - Arco Properties Web Site

Grand Hotel - Frida Kahlo Photographer

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