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May 15, 2016

Still on detour this week from the scouting photos as I have some more great photos sent in by Bill Fall.  Above is a good photo showing traffic going across the upper gate of the new Agua Clara Locks which is now the only access to Gatun Island from the East Bank.

Middle photo below is a remarkable photo of the Gatun Locks showing quite a full load of transits, but the most remarkable is the bus using the old Vehicular Bridge that is still in use.  This is still a mode of transportation to get from Gatun Island to the West Bank and back.  This old bridge and the new ferry are the only method to get to and from the West Bank.  Wow...great photo!

Bottom photo is probably one of the best I have see yet showing both Gatun Locks on the right and the new Agua Clara Locks in one photo.  Boy has the geography changed since the old days.  The approach to the Agua Clara Locks which was once land was were the road to Gatun was.  All history now.

Here is a note from Bill Fall when he sent me these super photos:

"Getting from the east bank to west bank or west to east can be both time consuming and interesting.  Gatun is an island and all the roads are ancient history.  The upper gate at Agua Clara (the new locks) is used for one way traffic from east bank to Isla Gatun.  The one-way bridge at Gatun Locks is crossed to get to the west bank.  Lines can be long and apparently there is a fine if you stop for pictures while crossing the Agua Clara gate.  The ferry is operating at a new location up near the new Atlantic bridge.  It was running between east and west bank nearer the locks, but that was when the old road between east bank and Gatun was in operation.  That was removed last year.  The new location for the ferry allows traffic between the east and west banks with the west bank road and ferry landing attached to the road to Fort Sherman.  The ferry does not seem to be running every day, only on weekends. 

Looks like the suction dredge has is almost done at the south end of the Agua Clara locks.  From what I have read, there will be a rental NeoPanaMax vessel operating for test purposes in the Atlantic locks shortly getting the pilots and tug masters ready for the first transit on June 26."

Thank you Bill for more great photos.


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