Photo of the Week
June 13, 2010 

Here is another great photo from the same photographer as last week's photo.  Once again it is out in the islands off of Amador before the causeway was built or even thought of.  After posting last week's photo, I received a email from my good friend and Panama Historian Vicente Pascual and told me that the photo was taken by Eadweard Muybridge in 1875.  This whole collection of 30 images that I received are all taken by Muybridge when he visited Panama in 1875.  These are really priceless photos as they show the way Panama was before any construction of a Canal.  The French were just in the planning stages.  This photo is opposite of last weeks photo looking towards Isla Noas.  Muybridge was now on Noas and looking towards Isla Perico and Isla
Flamenco in the distance.  

I will post more of these photos for the next few weeks.  There are some really great ones of what Panama City looked like at that time.

For more information about Muybridge go to this link:

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