Photo of the Week
February 28, 2021

This week we continue with the Robert Bodle photo collection taken during the construction of the U.S. Canal in Panama.  

This week's photos are of the Empire Quarter Master Storage Complex where Robert was employed. I mentioned when we first started this series that there are several photos of Robert at the storehouse, hence it appears this was his place work.  The photo above has the storehouse staff outside for a photo opt.  Robert is standing 5th from the right.  I have posted several other photos that were taken of the complex.  You can almost go completely around all the buildings.  There is tons of material and supplies for the job of digging a canal.  It is hard to believe that all this and the whole town of Empire disappeared after the completion of the Canal.  Some buildings did stay in the area and was used for the military.

I posted two really great aerial photos and a some historical information about Empire post Canal Construction back in April 2018

Very interesting photos not normally seen thanks to Robert Bodle and his camera.






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