Photo of the Week
August 30, 2020

This week we continue with the William Luther Sibert and his family story and photos from the Sibert "Travel and Family Photo Album". Here Sibert and members of his family pose in front of their house in Gatun.  This was one big house   While looking at other house photos of the period, I thought this might by a Type 14 and may be, but modified.  I have determined that this photo was taken from left side of the house.  There is a large breeze-way on the right of the photo where you can see through the house.  No AC in these days.  This was a big family and needed a big house.  The house was located up on the hill overlooking the Gatun Locks construction and not far from Mr. Sibert's office building.

I zoomed in on the family below. 

L-R  Rear -  William L. Sibert, William Olin Sibert,  Harold Ward Sibert.  Front - Mary Elizabeth Sibert,  Wife and Mother Mary Margaret Cummings Sibert, Edwin Luther Sibert, Martin David Sibert. The names were identified by notes within the Travel and Family photo album of William L. Siebert. 

More to come next week.

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