Photo of the Week
May 7, 2005 

     Here are two photos I took while attending the Gamboa Air Show in the later 1970's which was held at the Gamboa Airstrip.  The old Gamboa Airstrip was located out towards pipeline road and across from Gorgona Island.  Show in the above photo is one I took from a plane ride as we flew over the area just behind Gorgona Island.  You can see the suction dredge Mindi eating away at Gorgona Island in order to widen the channel.  The airstrip can be seen across the Canal.
     The photo below is a shot of a plane landing on the airstrip. You can see a container ship in the Canal in the distance. 
      This was a fun day with lots going on.  The old airstrip is not used anymore, and has turned into a saw grass field.

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