Photo of the Week
October 5, 2008 

Something a little different this week.  CZ Images contributor Allan Hawkins sent me this photo a couple of weeks ago and immediately fell in love with it.  This is a real classic capture of three guys herding this small group of Brahma cattle down a dirt road in Chepo, Panama. Allen took this photo on his way back from EmberÓ Puru, DariÚn.  This photo brought back so many memories of the days I frequented the Interior of Panama.  I remember scenes like this many  times.  Here it is 2008 and they are still doing it like the old days.

Something must have caught the attention of the herders as they are looking over their shoulders.  Maybe it was a young lady catching their attention...:o}

You got to love Panama!!!!

Thanks for the photo Allan.

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