Photo of the Week
February 8, 2009 

This week's photo is another great capture in time.   Did you know that there was a tourism program back during the construction days and shortly after?  This photo was taken in 1914 in Gatun Lake at Gatun and shows what they called an "Excursion Barge".  The had this old barge which looks a bit like an old piece of French equipment where the I.C.C. constructed a roof and bleacher style seating.  This is a old Life Magazine photo that I found on the Internet.  And it gets better.  Just before I found this old photo, I read in a 1914 Canal Record publication an ad promoting this type of service.  The ad reads:

"The Panama Railroad sightseeing barge will make two trips on Sunday, March 1; in the forenoon, leaving Gamboa for Gatun, at 8:40; and in the afternoon leaving Gatun at 2 o'clock.  Fare, $1.50, U.S. currency, each way."

This once again is a great blast from the past or as I like to call it, a capture in time.

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