Photo of the Week
September 16, 2018

Back on October 22, 2017 I posted a great old photo of the first U.S. Battleships in Gatun Lake.  These were the Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin.  I recently purchased a photo collection and in this collection was the photo above.  This is a super photo showing the battleship Missouri making it's transit to the Pacific while passing the Gamboa Bridge.  The Canal has only been open for business for 11 months.  There appears be lots of floating debris still in the waters.  As written in the Canal Record article from the 1914 - 1915 issue, the battleships were in and out of the Canal on their way to San Diego on July 16, 1915.

If you look on the hill top just to the left of the front mast of the battleship, you can just make out a building up there.  This building is still hanging on after most of the other construction era buildings have been removed or demolished.  It is a rather large building.  I wonder what it's purpose was.



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