Photo of the Week
November 17,  2002

  This week's photo is a great view of the early Cristobal docks and dock railroad yards.  Being a railroad nut as well and a Canal nut, I had to have this wonderful old photo showing how important the railroad was in the early days.  Box cars are lined up to receive goods off of ships as they docked.  

In the foreground, is the Cristobal Fire Station which appears to be an unpainted at this point and seems to be empty.  It may have just been built and not in use yet.  The flag flies at half mast for some reason.  It is too bad that this card is undated.

The building in the bottom right corner is a house.  You can't see it in this photo, but when I blew this image up in the scanner, you can see someone standing on the porch.

Another great image of our Canal Zone history captured forever.

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