Photo of the Week
September 12,  2010 

The Photo of the Week for this week is a continuation from the 1939 vintage photo from the Arthur Morgan Service Album.

Here we have two classic and valuable photos of the Pan-American - Grace Mini S-43 (JRS-1) Sikorsky Mini Clipper at Albrook Field.  This particular plane was named "Santa Maria".

The Sikorsky S-43 was a twin engine amphibious aircraft manufactured in United States during the 1930s by the American firm Sikorsky Aircraft.  The S-43 first flew in 1935, and was a smaller version of the Sikorsky S-42 "Clipper". It accommodated between 18 and 25 passengers, with a separate two-crew forward cockpit.[1] The S-43 was known as the "Baby Clipper" in airline service.  In total, approximately 53 S-43s were built. The S-43 was used primarily by Pan American World Airways for flights to Cuba and within Latin America.

You can see Sosa Hill behind the plane in the top photo and what we used to call "Tank Hill" which was between Albrook and Los Rios/Corozal in the lower photo.  Really great photos!!  More to come from this album in the weeks to come.

Thanks again or sharing this great piece of history here on CZ Images Ken.


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