Photo of the Week
September 23, 2007 

This week's photo is another real treat!  This aerial photo was taken by a Navy pilot while on patrol over the Gatun Locks.  These by-planes were stationed at Coco Solo Naval Base.  The most interesting thing about this photo is the buildings shown in an area that is jungle today.  When I lived in Gatun during the early '70s, I was told there was a Local Rate or Silver town in the area where the American Legion was.  The white colored road going through the town is either Lighthouse Road or School House Road.  I have put a zoomed in image below so you can the town better.  When I zoom in on my original scan, I see the houses are quite big (multi family), I see a couple churches and what appears to be a club house in the middle of town.  There are some small houses in the wooded area off to the right of the town with a small white church.  I wish the photo showed more of the town of Gatun.  I also remember that there was a cemetery in this area.  I plan to go to Panama in February and will check this area out some more.  Anyone out there remember what this town was called?

A long lost memory of the Golden Day of our Canal Zone history.


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