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August 25,  2002

On June 30, 1912, Clubhouses/Y.M.C.A.s were in operation at seven points: Corozal, Culebra, Empire, Gorgona, Gatun, and Cristobal on the Canal Zone, and Porto Bello 20 miles down the Atlantic coast.  These facilities were the entertainment center for these towns and towns near by. Many activities were held at the Clubhouses/Y.M.C.A.s for both youth and adults.  Each of these facilities had a small bowling alley.  Above is an old photo showing the Cristobal bowling alley and gymnasium.  The bowling alley is just a two lane alley, but literally tens of thousands of games were played here.  Note the two pin setters at the end of the alley.

From the Superintendent of Clubhouses report, in the 1912 Report of the Isthmian Canal Commission:

Bowling, Billiards, and Pool.

Special tournaments were organizes among the clubhouses during the year.  Gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded the winners, and the attendance at the contests was large.  There were 104,954 games bowled, as compared to 88,085 during the previous year...........

Below are scanned images of a silver bowling medal issued to J. W. Barrett for second place at a Candle Pin Tournament held at Cristobal Clubhouse/Y.M.C.A, bowling alley, January 1912.

Another piece of our forgotten Canal Zone history.  Long live the memories of our home.

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