Photo of the Week
January 8, 2006 

      This week's photo is another that is part of the set that I posted last week.  This is a wonderful photo of early Balboa showing what Barnebey Street looked like back then.  The bachelor / transient quarters are not built yet on the large grassy lot in the foreground.  The new High School is built and the majestic Administration Building is seen in the distance.  Note all the small saplings along Barnebey Street that will one day be beautiful large trees.  There is a lady walking down the sidewalk with the wardrobe of the era.  In the distance you can see an old car, possibly a Model A driving down the opposite side of the street like in England.

Another great photo capturing the golden days of the Canal Zone.  Couldn't be prouder!!!  I wish we could do it all over again.

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