Photo of the Week
October 22, 2000

Passing Ships

This great photo of ships passing is taken in Gamboa Reach between the old Gamboa airfield and Dredging Division.  I selected this photo because of the  excellent view of Gorgona Island.  Gorgona Island which can be see on the far side of the ships, was where the famous old town of Gorgona once stood before the lake flooding.  The black hull ship is passing over the area where the massive Gorgona shops were.  The area of the island that goes back towards the main land also was part of the town.  It used to be so much fun exploring the island for old bottles and relics.  You could actually see the old building foundations and sewer pipes.  Yes...Gorgona was modern to the point of having sewage.  You can see part of the Panama Railroad line in the lower portion of the photo.

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