Photo of the Week
December 3, 2006 

     Check this out!!!  CZ Images contributor Allan Hawkins sent these two photos in this week after my posting last week.  This is really great stuff, The building in the distance in last week's photo is the Coca Cola Cafe (yellow building).  What is simply the greatest is that the old trolley tracks a re still in the same exact location as they were in last week's photo of the week.  The street is basically untouched with the old brick paving still in place as well.  It appears that pink is the new color for buildings in this area .  The building on the right side of the photo appears not to be the same as in last week's photo.  Although old, it must have replaced the building that the "American Bar" was in.

Now for a special treat, Allan  took a photo of the El Dorado Theater that is still there.  I mentioned this in last week's photo.

Thanks Allan for the the great "today" photos.

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