Photo of the Week
April 17, 2011 

So where does all that rock go that they are excavating for the new set of locks?  Almost on top of the old town of Cocoli, there is a mountain being built with this excavated rock.  Truly amazing to see this pile grow.  The large dump trucks haul their loads up to the top of this hill via the road seen at the right of the photo and then dumped over the side.  I was amazed at all the different things this rock will be used for.  Coffer damns, fill and processed into gravel and even a sand consistency that will be used for the massive concrete that will make up the lock chambers.  The photo above was taken by CZ Images contributor Bill Fall while making a February 2011 transit.  Below is one of my favorite  photos I took while standing on top of this hill or rock.  The Bridge of the Americas can be seen in the distance and of course one of the big Caterpillar dump trucks.  Here also are two modern day Canal Construction workers. 

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