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September 11, 2016

It seems like the Washington Hotel comes up in my radar frequently these past weeks.  I was recently contacted by the daughter of a man by the name of Joseph Nanko who was an adventurer back in 1946 - 48.  Joseph worked his way through South and Central America during this time frame and took many photos of the areas he visited and made many friends.  One of his stops was in Panama and the Canal Zone.  Joseph wrote and published a book before passing away and looks like a very good read.  You can find his book at: (Click Here)

This week's photos are a couple from the Joseph Nanko collection.

Above is actually a Foto Flatau post card that he must have purchased while visiting in Colon.  It is a great photo showing people strolling along the seawall in front of the Hotel Washington.  There are a couple of Naval ships at anchorage which would have been common during the 1940's war years.  If you look through the palms you can see in the distance a life ring hanging on a fence which is the the old Washington Hotel pool that I have shown several times here on the website.

Below is an interesting candid shot taken by Joseph of some acquaintances sitting pool side at the Washington Hotel.  Joseph wrote on the back of the photo, "Cushing, Robinson and a girl named Patty - Washington Hotel swimming pool. Canal Zone, Panama.

Thank you for sharing your Dad's photos with all of us.  More to come in the future.


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