Photo of the Week
April 25, 2021

I found these two photos while doing research on the National Archives website.  Through many years of reading different books and publications that mentioned the Mt. Hope Printing Plant I wondered what the old building looked like.  Well to my surprise I came across these two old photos of the printing plant.  In the 1912 book  Panama Guide  by John O. Collins, John mentions how Mount Hope was a key logistics complex consisting of 12 buildings with 249,000 square feet of space.  One of those buildings was the I.C.C. Printing Plant and later to be known as the Panama Canal Press / Printing Plant.  Jobs back in those days included the printing of the Official Handbook, The Canal Record, The Panama Guide and all the stationary and other work of the Canal and Railroad, except the Annual Reports which were printed in Washington, D.C.  In the September, 1963 issue of the Panama Canal Review an article was published about the printing plant moving to a former retail store in La Boca on the Pacific Side.  The new home of the printing plant had to be remodeled and converted at a cost of more that$150,000, including air conditioning.  The article mentions the tons of equipment that has to be moved.

I love the fancy facade on this building.  Panama Canal used this style of look on many of it's building throughout the Canal Zone.

Great captures in time and history.


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