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January 21, 2013

Continuing once again with the Ralph Sartor collection. 

As promised, here is another locomotive photo for this week's photo.  Once again, this was a bit of a challenge with identification.  If you go back to last week's photo, CZImages contributor Andrew Fraser wrote in with further information about what I identified as a Rogers locomotive.  Back in the construction it was very common to modify old locomotives with parts and pieces of the same if not similar locomotives.  So, sometimes it is a bit of a mystery to ID equipment such as locomotives correctly.

This week's photo is, from what I gathered from the book Diagrams and Photographs of Railroad Equipment Used to Construct the Panama Canal - 1881 - 1914  is a P.R.R. Class 101 - 112 type locomotive.  The one pictured in the book indicates that it was rebuilt.  This one above appears to have been modified as well with a modified cab and additional water storage tank along side the boiler.  Everything else points to the one pictured in the reference book.  This would be a locomotive built by the American Locomotive Co., Schenectady Works, purchased by the P.R.R. for $12,350.  It entered into service November 7, 1905 to May 10, 1906.  Originally was a double-ender, suburban type 2-6-4; rebuilt at the P.R.R. shops in 1909 and converted into a Mogul Type 2-6-0 with tender.

I also found information in Charles S. Small's book Rails to the Diggings - Construction Railroads of the Panama Canal that after the completion of the construction of the Canal, there where long lines of locomotives up for sale at Dump #6.  Some if not all the 100 class locomotives where regauged and went to the Chile Exploration Company for a mining line.

 More of a different 100 class locomotive next week.

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