Photo of the Week
September 8,  2002

Last week's photo was that of a  Pacific Side Thatcher Ferry Boat.  A CZ Images visitor wrote and mentioned that the Atlantic Side had a ferry too from Fort Sherman to Cristobal.  Well here are couple of photos related to Fort Sherman Ferry Boats.  They are from my History of Fort Sherman presentation in the Military History section of the CZ Images web site.

Above you see a photo of a grand old ferry called the "Morgan Lewis" at dock in Fort Sherman.  This photo is from the 1930's.  Note the large door on the side for vehicles.  I don't think there were many vehicles in these days.  

Below is a photo of a ferry slip that was used during the 1950's.  Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the actual ferry.  The slip looks small which leads me to believe the ferry itself was small.  Hopefully one of my visitors will write and tell me they have a photo.

These photos are from the collection of Mr. Vicente Pascual.

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