Photo of the Week
October 23, 2005 

     I found this really great old photo a while back on a on-line auction.  The photo is in pretty bad shape, but I have cleaned it up a bit in PhotoShop.  As you know, I love these old people pictures as the capture a moment in time of people's lives.  This picture has "After the Hunt" by the Gatun Hunting Club May 22, 1910 written on the front of it.  It was taken by the Colon photographer Nelson.  I have run across other photos by Nelson.
     The photo is a work of art.  You have all the hunters and what must be the hunter's children.  As I look at each one, I wonder  who they were.  They are more than likely relatives of Atlantic Side Zonians that I may know. Do you recognize anyone in this photo?  
      Two things that caught my eye was the two little girls with umbrellas and the whisky bottle in the Crock's mouth.

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