Photo of the Week
August 16,  2009 

Another new series is on the agenda.  Some time ago, a gentleman by the name of David Hirtle wrote me about a photo collection his dad Reverend Ralph Lincoln Hirtle left him.  This photo collection has some really good old photos capturing a time period of 1947 - 1950 when Reverend Hirtle was a missionary to the Canal Zone from the Methodist Church. He taught School at the Institute Pan-Americano, Pastured at the Pedro Miguel Union Church and was extremely active in the Boy Scouts during his stay.  This week's photo is leading into several weeks of photos that lead Rev. Hirtle into the Interior of Panama all the way to El Volcan.  Mind you that this was the late 1940's and road conditions were not as we all know them in our lives in Panama going to the beach, El Valle and Volcan.  This week's photo is a really great capture in time of how the Inter-American Highway looked in the late 1940
's.  Can you believe traveling all the way to the Volcan on this type of road?

Next week, we will have a photo of what the old bridges on the Inter-American Highway looked liked back then.  We will  conclude with a very historical photo in El Volcan with both the American and Panama Boy Scouts.

Just think.  How long would it take you to drive to the Volcan on roads like this?

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