Photo of the Week
November 5, 2017

This week's photo is from the same photo collection as last week's photo.  The photo is a bit rough and I had to do a lot of cleaning up as well as last week's. Last week we had the Allianca doing a test run through Gatun Locks.  This week we have the real deal pomp and circumstance with the "official first transit" with the Panama Railroad S.S. Ancon's transit.  

The back of the photo has typewritten:  "August 15, 1914.  P.R.R.S.S. Ancon entering lower or sea-level chamber of Gatun locks.  First vessel to carry cargo from the Atlantic to the Pacific, though the Canal, also the first vessel to go rom deep water to deep water."

The man walking in the foreground looks to be military while the other man in uniform looks more like a policeman with the badge on his chest.

 I may be taking a break of the photos of the week for a bit as I am going in for shoulder replacement surgery tomorrow and am not sure what capabilities I will have after the surgery and for how long.  I will give it a whirl if possible. Currently, it really hurts to sit at my desk and type and run the mouse as I am right handed...and you guessed it, it is the right shoulder that is going to go bionic.


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