Photo of the Week
November 8, 2015

Last photos from those sent to me by CZ Images contributor Paolo Sanfilippo for this week's photos.  The photos this week bring back memories for residents of Gatun and other Zonian towns.  The top photo is a photo looking down Bolivar Highway towards the old dispensary building.  Along this route were the duplex family houses.  The one on the left is house # 144 and below that behind and to the left of the palm is one of the old garge buildings that PCC had in towns that people could rent to stash an extra car or for storage.  This was garage #140.  The is a bus stop seen on the right by the intersection and shown below close up.  PCC had these types of bus stops through out the towns for use as a school bus stop or for the Orange SACA bus to pick up employees and residents.  This one below had a large wall built behind it to prevent anyone from falling of the edge as this bus stop was located on a very steep hill.

I wonder how long all these old houses and structures will be around as I have read most of Gatun is a ghost town now and soon to be classified as an island with the opening of the new locks.

Long live the our memories of our Canal Zone.



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