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November 29,  2009 

Last week's photo showed the old Culebra Administration Building's vault from the construction days of the Canal.  I also posted a photo of what the Administration Building looked like in it's prime days.  I had one CZ Images visitor ask me if the vault was still there.  Well, CZ Images contributor Bill Fall has answered that question with this week's photos. 

To give you a good perspective of where the vault still stands, see the photo above.  Although much cut widening has taken place, the old vault still sits on top of the hill where it has stood for over 100 years.  It is hard to see but have placed a red arrow showing it's location.  Bill sent me another image of the same photo, but a blow-up where you can see the vault a little better seen below.

With the communication towers in this location, I would think it would be hard to get a chance to go there and take a good close-up shot.  Maybe someone with some pull could.

Thanks for the images Bill

After I posted this, Bill Fall wrote me back and told me:

I read Jackson's Panama News back in 2006 that the vault and the top of the hill was bulldozed sometime in July 2006. I took the picture in Jan 2006, so its not there any more.




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