Photo of the Week
February 20, 2022

Another great image from the vintage 50 - 70s 35mm slide collection I scanned recently.

Every Zonian saw this machine coming down the streets and sidewalks in the Canal Zone.  The Grounds Maintenance Branch of the Canal Zone were fanatics about manicured lawns and no unsightly garbage, leaves and sticks.  They bought a bunch of these vacuums that an employee would walk up and down the streets and sidewalks to suck up any fresh cut grass or leaves.  It had a big bag that all the refuse would be sucked up in.  This photo was taken in front of the Hotel Tivoli and down the hill.  Hotel parking is up on top of the hill and you can see the Pan Am Building that was burned in 1964 riots in the background.  I loved how our streets were so well made and kept.  You can spot a Canal Zone road right away.

Long live the memories....


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