Photo of the Week
November 12, 2017

This week's photo is from the same photo collection as last week's photo.  The photo is a bit rough and I had to do a lot of cleaning up as well as last week's. Last week we had the S.S. Ancon  in Gatun Locks on it's way to the famous first official transit which officially opened the newly constructed Panama Canal.  This week we have a entrance to entrance and back transit by the S.S. Cristobal.  There wasn't all the fanfare that would be 10 days later with the S.S. Ancon's transit.  This week's photo has written on it: S.S. Cristobal through the Culebra Cut from Pedro Miguel - Aug. 4, 1914.  The Cristobal transited from Atlantic to Pacific on August 3rd and returned to the Atlantic on August 4th.  This photo was taken on it's return transit.  if you look closely down the channel and around the corner, you can see the floating pontoon railroad bridge crossing the Canal.  This is a very nice addition to this photo.

Here are some links to Canal Record articles about these first trial and official transits.  They come from Volume 7 - August 27, 1913 - August 19, 1914:

Cristobal transit article - August 5th issue: (click here)

Further passages of vessels between entrance channels - August 12 issue (click here)

Official Trip of the "Ancon" - August 15 issue (click here)  This is the first time I have seen this article and has a good summary of this historic day.  I seem to remember a discussion here a while back where I had mention there wasn't much publicized about this day, but now, here it is.

I want to thank all those that wrote me with well wishes for my shoulder replacement surgery I had last Monday.  I really appreciated the thoughts and prayers sent.  All went well as you can see I am back with this photo of the week.  It has taken a few days off and on putting the page together and with my left hand, but has kept me busy with something to do.  The healing and recovery process is going to be long so I am thankful to have my Panama Canal studies and my website to keep me entertained.

Another great photo from this collection next week.

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