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November 23. 2008 

Okay gang...mystery photo this week.  I had no choice but to purchase this photo post card on ebay.  The seller  said it was taken on Taboga. I am not sure of this as the houses look more in a major developed area.  The houses are certainly tropical style buildings with the screen porches.  The post card is post marked May 8, 1912 and post marked from Ancon, C. Z.. The entry on the rear of the post card reads as follows:

"Dear Aunt Mary:  I received the Easter Card, was glad to hear  from you. Also glad you all pulled through the long cold winter. I am at the Sanitarium on Taboga Island on duty here for a while installing a new fire system."

This photo is a puzzle.  Did they have such structures on Tabogo Island?  The Coconut trees make it look like it was taken in a tropical setting, plus mailed from Panama....

Where is this place???

Post photo of the week comment:

After posting this photo, many CZ Images visitors wrote me with their comments about this photo.  It was unanimous that this is not Taboga, but somewhere on the mainland.  Considering that there is a fire hydrant in the photo, it must have been one of Panama's larger cities or towns.  Or maybe not Panama at all.  I would love to ID it as this is a great old photo.

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