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April 4, 2010 

Time to think about getting your Christmas hot sauce orders in.  We have too different size bottles of what we call "Hot ta Rass" Authentic homemade Gamboa, Panama Aji Chumbo Pepper Sauce.  When I retired from Panama in 1996 I had the foresight to bring some seeds from a Chumbo Pepper bush that grew at the Gamboa marina.  My wife Margaret and I started growing the peppers and now have quite a large amount of the plants.  We used to give the peppers away but now make some really great sauce just like we had in Panama.  Our friend T-Bird Pattison developed the recipe through trial and error and came up with the right taste.  Margaret and I started making the sauce and bottling it as a hobby.  We sell it just to recover supply costs (bottles, caps, good dirt, water, etc.).  Now here again on CZ Images, "Hot ta Rass" is available for sale.  The bottles range in size of 6 oz. $5.00, 3 oz.$3.00.  We also have the Jamaican Hot Chocolate "Hot ta Rass" sauce for sale as well.  We use the same recipe as the Chumbo sauce and it also has a great flavor and heat that we are sure you will like.  There is no chocolate in this sauce it is just the name of the pepper .. Jamaican Hot Chocolate.  There is will be a shipping charge that will be figured in depending on the bottle size, quantity and zip code.  If you are interested, send me an email or call 352-726-8804. Beat the rush and order now.  For a description of the product (Click Here). Our sauce has been tested in an analytical lab and each bottle contains a nutritional and ingredient label.

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