Photo of the Week
September 30, 2012

This week's photo came to me via a multiple email forward.  Not sure who originally sent it out nor the year it was taken.  It is very evident that it was prior to the U.S. Construction as Amador and the Causeway are not in existence.  No fill has been brought it in.  This photo was taken from Ancon Hill looking out into the Bay of Panama.  In the foreground is what one day be the cement jungle of Panama City.  If you look closely you can see two three mast sailing ships.  Back in these days, cargo was off loaded on the islands and brought in with smaller boats  at high tide.  The larger vessels couldn't come close to shore off the city because of the shallow water of the inner bay.

What a great photo and very much photo of the week worthy.  Thank you to who ever sent this out.

No photo of the week next week.  I will be in Virginia on vacation and won't be able to post a photo from my location.  

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