Photo of the Week
February 10, 2008 

This week's photo is a classic photo taken of workers at the Gorgona Shops in June 1910.  These were the guys that kept the equipment that dug the Panama Canal in good working order.  The Gorgona Shops were a huge complex facility that could do just about any thing.  The shops were located in a good strategic location halfway between the Atlantic and Pacific. I have other photos of Gorgona as photos of the week and as I explained before, the area of the old town of Gorgona is across the Canal from the old Gamboa airstrip. It is just an island today.  The area that the Gorgona shops stood is completely under water.

I imagine that these guys in this photo were all Roosevelt Medal holders.  The an interesting mixture of faces, hats and clothing in this photo.  Something must have happened when this picture was taken as there are several guys looking over to their left instead of the camera.

There may or may not be a photo of the week next Sunday.  I will be in Panama and I have been told there may not be Internet access where I will be on Sunday.  But I will have Internet access the following Sunday and will post.

Note from CZ Images visitor:

Dear Mr. Mac:

I very much enjoy looking at your CZ images.  In one of them, "Gorgona Shops Workers" I believe I recognize my great grandfather, Cornelius Jansen.  He is the large man standing to the far left as you look at the photo.  (At least he looks like the few pictures that I have of him, and he and his family lived in Gorgona.  He worked in the shops there as a machinist.  All this is irrelevant, I know, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work.  Peter C.


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