Photo of the Week
October 7, 2001

  Here is a great old photo of Balboa Flats with the old wooden quarters.  No date on the photo.  Morgan Avenue in the foreground.  A few of these old wooden houses remained along Morgan Avenue when the others were replaced with modern cement houses in the '50s.  What a great looking town!!  Check out the laundry on the clothes line.  Standard issue in the Canal Zone was a great set of clothes lines in the back yard.

After publication note (this is interesting): 

Nice photo of Balboa flats.  What I noticed was the chimneys from the wood/coal burning stoves in the quarters.  I remember hearing some of the old timers talk about them.  In fact, I had an old timer working for me until 1980 who used to chop wood for sale as a kid.  He also used to walk the flats with a huge bag of coal and sold it for 5 cents a pound.  Joe DuVall

Another photo from the Golden Days of the Canal Zone.  Long live the memories..

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