Photo of the Week
December, 3 2023

As a follow-up to my mistaken photo two weeks ago, that I thought for sure was the Tarpon Club, I post this week the real tarpon club back during the Construction Days of the Panama Canal.  I posted this photo 20 years ago and in small format, so I am going to post it again.

These photos are from the private collection of CZ Images contributor Ken Tuley. The pictures belonged to his paternal grandfather Willard Parker Tuley, who was on the Canal Zone Police during the construction period. Ken is not sure exactly how long he served down there, but he did find his name at the museum in the database of Roosevelt medal recipients, listed as having received the medal and first bar, so we can assume he was there more than 4 years but less than 6.

This photo show the crude construction of the original building which was surely rebuilt in later years.  See a previous photo of the week from 2018 .  That is the Tarpon Club I remember.  The photo above shows a bunch of guys and a few women finishing up what looks like a feast.  Some of the guys are holding their fishing poles.


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