Photo of the Week
June 7, 2015

For the past few weeks I have been posting some photos taken from Ancon Hill and Sosa Hill..well this week here is a aerial taken of both hills and the surrounding towns and infrastructure.  The photo isn't dated but must be early as the new cement housing in Ancon isn't built yet and the Ancon Corral (MTD) is still on the Ancon Hill side of the tracks (bottom right of photo).  The Ancon Gas Station will sit in this location a little later.  There are many old wooden houses in the Ancon area the will be torn down and replaced by new wood buildings and then concrete ones.  Beyond the Admin. Building, only the College building stands on the BHS property.  Construction of the the new BHS building started in 1940, hence this photo is pre-1940.  What a great view.


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