Photo of the Week
May 27, 2007 

Here is an interesting "then and then" comparison in  time.  Shown above is the original St. Luke's Episcopal Chapel in the early 1900s and below, the Cathedral of St. Luke in Ancon, Canal Zone in the 1950s.  I found the chapel photo in an old I. L. Maduro Jr. souvenir book of  the Panama Canal.  I had no idea of this history and find it very interesting as it is a photo historical time stamp in time.  I am not sure that the cathedral is built on the same lot at the old chapel, but I would think it is.  I understand that the old cathedral is in need of funds to help restore years of neglect since the golden days of the Canal Zone.  There is a drive going on to raise funds to help with this project.  What a shame that such a beautiful old Canal Zone church has gone to the way-side.  If you are willing to help out, let me know and I can put you in contact with those that are working on the restoration project..

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