Photo of the Week
November 6, 2022

In  the mid 1950s the Canal Zone Government started building block elementary schools to replace the aging and poor shape wooden schools. The new schools were all of the same architecture and layout.  These were ideal schools for the Canal Zone students with lots of windows for cross ventilation.  There was no AC yet in these schools.  A great parcel of property was selected to insure that there was plenty of room for sports fields and playgrounds.  Pictured this week is the South Margarita Elementary School.  The aerial above shows quite a few students out in the fields during recess.  In the late 80s, this complex was given to th Department of Defense Directorate of Community Activates (DCA) and housed offices of the many branches under the DCA.  The building closest to the main entrance road was the administration office.  I was assigned as the Coordinator of this complex and the offices under the DCA Atlantic for a while until I was transferred back to the Pacific DCA headquarters for a promotion.  I will always cherish the time I spent working there.

I also attended a sister to this elementary school when I was elementary school age.  My school was in Los Rios.  

Below is an on the ground photo of the children in the court yard taken two days prior to the aerial above.

Long live our Canal Zone history.


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