Photo of the Week
November 10, 2013

We are getting close to the end of the Michael J. Carroll photo collection with two remaining after this week.  I selected three out of the collection for this week's photos.  They were all taken while on a trip to the Bayano River.

Above we have the entire group with Belle sitting second to the left and Michael standing behind her.  Belle's hand written caption on the back of the photo reads:

"Panama 1912 Mike & Belle Carroll, I am the sick on sitting in the chair.  Mike (Pop) is to the left in the back of me. Up from Panama City the Bayano River on an alligator hunting trip. "

Below are two photos showing the hunters.  Belle's caption for the photo immediately below reads:

"September 1912 Bayano River The older man went on the trip to take our pictures Mike snapped this picture."

The bottom photo is my favorite!  You can barely see it, but while editing the blow up photo, I spotted an old clay whiskey bottle in the mouth of the alligator which is on the bow of the boat on the left.  I actually have a bottle just like it in my bottle collection.  It is a Greybeard Heather Dew Whiskey from Glasgow Scotland. I love the two women in the boats with their rifles.  Belle's caption for this photo was short:

"1912 - Bayano River"

This group of photos is a great set showing that the Canal Construction workers had good times back in the day.


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