Photo of the Week
May 30 2021

This week we have two photos that qualify for the WOW factor.  I am so glad that this photographer took these really good captures in time.  Some would say, "what is so great about these photos?", well if you are a Zonian at least boomer age, you would remember going across the Miraflores Bridge.  I know I did many times with my Dad.  To see this entranceway and traffic light brings back so many memories.  I am not certain, but I believe the traffic light was operated by the bridge operator.

The second photo is after you make the turn and heading towards the bridge and wait in line till the ship transit is completed.  In this photo, it shows the bridge ready to accept vehicles.  This bridge is now gone now and is just a memory like this photo.

My brother Barry found this set of photos and am so glad he did.  The description on the photo states: Approaches to the Panama Canal.  Photos taken by T. W. Kines, April 19, 1950


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