Photo of the Week
April 24, 2016

This week we are returning to Canal Zone Scouting photos with  wonderful capture in time from back in 1951.  This photo is fitting since last week's photo was about Gatun becoming an island.  Those in this week's photo would never have imagined that their town of Gatun would see such change.  This photo is titled: Camp Harriet, Gatun Canal Zone.  I recognize the place this photo was taken as in the old wooden Gatun Gym.  In my early career with the Canal Zone Government, I was in charge of the operation of this fine gym which was right next to the swimming pool.  The Canal Zone had wonderful facilities to keep our Canal Zone youth in good physical condition.

The names of those in this photo are:

Front (L-R) Teddy Nimitz, Charlotte Orr, Marvel Davison, Barbara Erickson, Ruby Hall, Eileen Cox, Marilyn Defenbaugh.

Middle (L-R) Anna Amelunxen, Patricia Shedden, Ellen Clute, Carolyn McGann, Carol Ann Forrest, Pauline Dockery, Olivia Causey.

Back (L-R) Mrs. N.B. Davision, Director, Mrs. George Tully, Asst. Team Leader, Mrs. George Allgaier, Unit Leader, Mary Sherry, Program Aide, and Mrs. T.D. Ladd, Asst. Director, June 20 - August 15, 1951. 

What a great old photo.  Maybe someone will see themselves or know someone in the photo.  All these kids are now in their late 60s or early 70s.  Wow...time flies!


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