Photo of the Week
June 17, 2000

This is it folks...probably one of the most exciting photos of Gamboa that I have come across!!  I would say it is from the early '40s by looking at the cars in the Commy and Clubhouse parking lots.  I have blown this photo up and my father-in-law, who has seen these buildings, gave me a run down.  I have offered a much larger image for those who want to study the photo a little more.  Click the photo above for the larger image.

In this photo, you can see the Gamboa Clubhouse where the Gamboa Swimming Pool building is today.  I was told that the pool building was part of the old clubhouse and was left there after the clubhouse was torn down in '52.  When I worked at the Gamboa Pool, I always wondered what the area looked like in the old days.  There is foundation evidence to the side of the pool area today that was part of the old clubhouse shown here this photo.  I was always told that there was a bowling alley in the lot next to the pool.  In fact, I was told that the bowling alley was actually in the basement of the clubhouse shown in this photo.

The Gamboa Commissary can be seen to the left of the clubhouse as it still stands today.

And of course, the great view of the Hercules and Ajax floating cranes in the Dredging Division area....  A couple of the old bucket dredges super-structure can been seen in the photo as well...

Note the school kids having recess next to the school.

The old Civic Center is seen in the bottom right had corner of the photo and the grassy area between it and the road now has the old Gamboa Baptist Church today.

Note the height of the Royal Palms along the road.  They are of course much larger today.

This is as good as it gets!!! I am so excited over this picture!!  If anyone has any photos that can add to this or any information to document, please let me know...

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