Historical Information, Presentations, Photos and Post Cards

Photographer Gus Steigler Photo Album Life During the Panama Canal Construction Days

  Panama Canal Restaurants - 1917

  The Relocation of the Panama Railroad 1906 - 1912  

orgball.gif (586 bytes)  Panama Railroad History with Photos
  Motor Cars 
      "Ike" - Panama Railroad Engineer

The Islands - Naos, Perico, Culebra and Flamenco in the early 1900s.   

Trans-Isthmian Pipeline Project and Monte Lirio Bridge.

Herb Tabert's Collection of photos and things from the Canal Zone.

Stephen's Tree near Ahorca Lagarto    

Panama Railroad Stations and Depots  

The old town of Gatun  

The Third Locks Project - Enlarging the Panama Canal for Bigger Battleships

Gold and Silver on the Rails - The Panama Canal Pay Car 

Submarine 05 Accident and PCC Hero   

French Ladder Dredge Story - Then, In Between and Now 


Vintage Panama and Canal Zone Post Cards

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