Photo of the Week
November 16, 2014

We are going to take a detour this week with some new images that came in from CZ Images contributor Bill Fall.  The question is..How BIG are the new locks gates?  Well Bill had a chance to actually stand by one recently and here is (photo above) Bill and a new gate.  WOW!!  This is impressive!

Below are a series of other images that Bill sent me.  First below is the underside of the new gate.  Second is a scale drawing that Bill uses in his slide shows while doing presentations on cruise ships.  Third is a mosaic that Bill put together with web cam captures off the internet showing them moving one of these gates into the chamber.

Bill noted in his email: 

The blue multi wheeled vehicles take them off the barge and down the ramp to the lock chamber.  The dock is temp and will be removed when the locks are completed.  

Bill is showing in his drawing a comparison of the tallest current in use gate is the Pacific sea gate at 82 ft. and the one for the expansion locks is 108 ft.

Thanks for sending these great images in Bill.




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